KIDSTUFFADVENTURE.COM produces interactive web features created by kids about destinations, activities, experiences, and products that excite kids and families. Our teams of young adventurers (and their families) provide the content, while a zesty interactive format invites kids to explore and get involved in the things that inspire them.

In partnership with Sausalito based OnlineAdventure.com, a multi media company that has developed top-notch interactive projects for companies such as The North Face, Kodak, and Macy’s, Kidstuff launched phase one of our new site on July 1, 2000.

Mission Statement

Kidstuff believes that families, and especially children, signify the most important and rewarding part of our culture. In the spirit of sharing, encouraging and strengthening the life experiences and opportunities that children enjoy, Kidstuff strives to provide informative, educational, and entertaining media that reflects and enhances the communities in which we live.

Kidstuff also understands that reading is a crucial component in the development of children (one that is often neglected in this technologically advanced age), and it is therefore our mission to offer kids and parents a fun and imaginative vehicle that helps to develop a higher level of literacy and communication.

Finally, Kidstuff understands the need for clear and complete information regarding various children’s programs, opportunities, bargains and events, and it is our goal to provide the best free source of family information.